Commercial and Home Painting Gallery

We hope you enjoy browsing through some of our work. We love to share what we do because we are proud of our results. Painting a home is a process and we experts. We would love the privilege of being local Painter! Home Painting can be tricky and we know all of the techniques to do it right.

Home Painting Expertise

Emilio, the owner of ER Home Painter worked his way through the ranks of painters before he started his own company and started hiring a crew. He started as an apprentice and earned the privilege of being called a master painter. He learned from some of the best. Emilio learned to develop incredible technique and demands a high level of quality from his crew.

Commercial Painting Experts

Commercial Painting Jobs are sometimes complex, involving off business hour access and hard deadlines to prevent deadlines. We know how to operate withing these guidelines and ensure your up time is not hampered.

Hire a Pro and Avoid a Lot of Hassles

Friends and relatives have hired a contractor, they paid them some money and that is the last they saw them.  Or their contractor started the job and either was not competent or did a poor job. Then in an effort to resolve the issue, they refused to pay and now this poorly equipped contractor slaps a  lien on the property and now they have to go to court.

How can you avoid getting scammed? The answer is simple, hire a professionally owned and operated company. ER Home Painter is established and professional. We have excellent references and 80% of our business is from referrals. You do not get this level of business from doing a poor job or trying to take advantage of customers. Just call us, we commit to 100% satisfaction.